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Mate X – Pedal Test vs Pedal Assist.

some swearing

I snuck onto this race course and filmed myself going round, first pedaling and then with assistance. I was a bit nervous about getting caught so completely ballsed it up. I didn't position the ...

Whitby, 199 Steps

Virtual Tour 199 steps, whitby

What else is there to say. They're in Whitby and there are 199 of them. Actually, it turns out there is loads more to say. However, I let the proper people take care of that. Lots of information ...

mightydubfest 2019 Alnwick castle

Virtual Tour mightdub at alwnick castle

Some half-drunken stumbling around at the very enjoyable mightydubfest 2019 at Alnwick castle. Apologies for the unevenness of the virtual tour but it was all done handheld and half cut.

My Off-Grid Water Heating Solution

Off grid water heating solution & bbq

For a long time, I've been using my work van as a stealth camper. The two purposes of the van have lead to some creative, mostly serendipitous, solutions to the off-grid hybrid working/camping van. ...

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