Strengthening the rear rack and adding footpegs. (mate X)

Strengthening the rear rack and adding footpegs. (mate X)

I changed the bolt size for the rear rack for my mate x to give it more sheer strength. As I want to load the rack with more than the advised 25kg. I take no responsibility if you follow this guide. I know nothing about engineering or the exact forces involved. All I know is I’m glad I did it as my saddle was nicked the other day so I had to sit on the rack and ride back home. I looked like a bell end but got home.

To change bolt size from an m5 (the bolts already) to an m6 (1mm bigger)*. All that really needs to be done is to drill the bolt holes slightly larger and use a threading tool to cut the new thread. As its aluminium, this is relatively easy to do. just make sure when using the threading tool to keep withdrawing the tool. don’t try to cut the new thread all at once. I got my bolts from my mate who sells titanium bolts at have also negotiated a discount for any mate x’ers that need the bolts, (use stickofwax as your coupon code to receive 10% discount on any purchase on check out).

The tools needed are:

  • drill with a 5.85mm metal drill bit
  • 4 x 30mm m6 bolts and washers (10% discount on any bolts You’re welcome :-)) at use stickofwax at checkout.)

*M5 is 5mm diameter. Cross-section area is proportional to 5 squared. Which is 25. M6 bolt is 6 squared which 36. So the 1mm diameter increase (20%) gives a strength increase of 11/25 Which is about 50%. Don’t quote me that was from my mate at use stickofwax as a coupon code


I had to bodge these a bit and chopped a little off to ensure clearance over the bolt. On the gear side, I actually had to cut a groove so it could slide over the bolt. I’m ok with it and it’s on securely and it’s only to rest feet on not for tricks.however, it looks like there will be other types of pegs that fit over better. so I won’t put a link to these particular ones.

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