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Mate X – Pedal Test vs Pedal Assist.

Mate X – Pedal Test vs Pedal Assist.

I snuck onto this race course and filmed myself going round, first pedaling and then with assistance. I was a bit nervous about getting caught so completely ballsed it up. I didn’t position the display right or even time it with the watch. I will do it again when I get a chance. In the meantime, you will just have to understand the differences in the test, from my facial expressions, expletives, and the passing scenery:-D. It’s a 360 video so you can spin it around and it was steep.

results for the outlined distance.

  • lap 1 – no pedal assistance 2 mins 34 seconds
  • lap 2 – variable assistance but pretty much maxed out. 1min.44 seconds.
  • lap 3 – ” ” 1 min. 44
  • lap 4 – ” ” 1 min 44.
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