Workvan/Campervan Hacks – The Floating Table

Floating Folding Table

I made this incredibly useful table from the mechanism underneath an architects drawing board (eBay). When you pull the mechanism out it is literally everything you need. I just screwed a couple of laminate floorboards on to make the surface and attached it to the van. It also spanned the side of the panel perfectly.

The first van hack and literally puts a smile on my face every time I use it. It’s plenty strong enough to rest items on and prep food, it folds up and down in seconds and stows with no meaningful impact on space. It also has a bar running underneath which can hold a basket or bag for additional storage. see pictures.

It has two other unforeseen benefits. 1) If you park on a camber the table can be positioned anywhere along its 180-degree runner. So you can have a level table. 2) As there is no supporting leg you can unfold the bed without having to put the table and everything away.

As you can see the table folds away in seconds and is flat against the panel.

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