Bozel as a base for skiing Courchevel

a snowy scene from the 3 valleys

I found Bozel to be very pleasant and pretty much exactly what I was expecting. Seemed like a lot of instructors lived there and took the bus up to their jobs. Good enough for them good enough for me.

The free bus from Bozel to 1850 was about 40 mins. Ok and doable. However, here are some things I didn’t realise.

  • 1 ) Get off the bus at Le Praz (Courchevel 1300). Then use the ski lift to go to 1850, Makes the bus part 17 mins and then the rest on the ski lift. A little walk across the field to the right.
  • 2) The last bus back down to Bozel is around 8 pm, at the time of writing this, from Courchevel 1850. This is fine if all of you are staying in Bozel. Not fine if the group is split like ours was. You end up trying to squeeze the apres in and end up leaving your bag on the bus because you’re rushing or pissed.
  • 2a) Call the bus depot (bypass the lost and found which is at 1850 and is also something to do with the police). They kept it on the bus and I just met the driver at a stop the following day and got it back.
  • 3) There are some free ski slopes in Courchevel. Use them before you buy your lift pass If you’re learning. Point 1 is negated if you want to go to 1850 and use the free slope there, but just stay on the free bus.
  • 4) My equipment hire seemed to be about 20 euro cheaper than my friends in 1650. You have to weigh up if you need to change anything as its a trek back down. All my equipment was fine.
  • 5) Drinks were definitely cheaper in Bozel.
  • 6) Go in the bar at these coordinates and try the guys homemade orange liqueur – its delicious
  • 7) this bar too was just enjoyable.

Snow train (Eurostar) and Bus from Moutiers

I caught the day snow train from St Pancras but would not want to lose ski time again. Next trip will be on the night train.

Things to be aware off if you do catch the day train.

  • 1) I thought the day train would get me into to Moutiers with enough time to catch the scheduled bus into Bozel. It did not and there appeared to be no buses running after 6.30pm. I checked with about 3 People. The taxi was 40 Euros. Fortunately, there were 3 of us.
  • 2) It seems you might have to pre-book the bus from Moutiers to Bozel. It may be a reason why there was no bus when I got there. Even though I didn’t catch it on the way there, we did on the way back. The driver kept asking us if we booked, we hadn’t. However, it got sorted

To sum up

I would definitely stay in Bozel again but the last bus was a pain and prohibitively expensive to keep getting taxis. Most of the group were staying up high in 1650. Next trip is booked and they are staying in 1400 (La Tania) and hopefully some in 1300 (Le Praz). My top tip and even though I’ve not done it yet would be to stay in Saint Bon. It looks like they have some really decent priced accommodation if two or 3 are going. The good thing is it is serviced by the free ski bus until about midnight, possible later if memory serves. That means its cheap accom, quick bus ride to 1300 and then ski lift. Maybe even possible to ski all the way back home. Not done it but I’m sure I will add it if I do.

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